What is Attorney Profit?

Attorney Profit is a small business development firm founded by Dave Clough that provides tools and services that attorneys of all types can use and learn from in an attempt to develop a profitable, ethical business. Our goal is not to teach you how to be a lawyer, but how to attract and generate, clients and profit through the confusing environment of internet promotion. Whether you have just graduated from law school, are trying to strike out on your own or are a contributing member of a law firm, Attorney Profit aims to provide you with the means to achieve online marketing success. As people depend more and more on the internet to acquire information and conduct business, the door is open for attorneys to stake a claim in this new, growing market and Attorney Profit is here to help.

We will release helpful eBooks, post blogs on all the related subjects of attorney business development, including advertising, marketing, and client acquisition, providing a service to law firms and solo lawyers in an attempt to help you grow your client and business base. Attorney Profit’s goal is to bring you profit, through both knowledge and guidance in a realm that is new and somewhat unknown to many attorneys. With a team of experienced veterans and new young minds in the field, we have the tools to bring you smart marketing that meet ethical rules that will lead to increased profits.

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