5 Reasons Why Attorneys Need to Embrace Google+

Creating an account on Google+ will garner more visibility for your law blog, yourself and your firm. Google+ has grown from a “Ghost Town” to the 3rd most populated social media site (closely chasing Twitter), with an estimated 925,000 new users every day.

This infographic from Leverage depicts the following social media sites’ 2014 user bases (click for a larger image):

So why do lawyers in particular need to embrace Google+?

1. It’s Growing Rapidly

Google+ is growing, as you can tell by the infographic above, and it’s growing with a balance of users who appreciate both social interaction and professional content. Consider it a mix between Facebook and LinkedIn, with the added bonus of Google’s SEO boosting power. There are a plethora of attorney groups or “circles” on Google+ both aimed at sharing information and content, as well as other groups that focus more on marketing law practices.

2. It Allows You to Target Your Content

Google+ provides the ability to create targeted “Circles” for the connections you make on Google+. This allows you to segment your contacts into different groups, so that you may share specific content with specific groups of people.

Do you have a piece of content that you wish only a certain group to see? When you post something, you have the option to choose which Circle of people will be able to view that piece of content. For example: if you have a new blog post that will only be relevant to prospective clients, you can choose your “Prospects” Circle. You may have heard of segmenting your email communications – but this ability to segment within your social network is also incredibly valuable.

3. Google Authorship 

One of the most important reasons why lawyers need to embrace Google+ is because of many of the different tools and functions it offers that other social media sites do not.

The crème de la crème of these tools is Content Authorship. If you’re a lawyer and you are creating content, you should be using Google+. Google+’s Authorship tool allows users to link their Google+ profile to their created content (such as blogs, articles or eBooks) located on their own personal sites. Not only does this give you more recognition for the content you create, but it also makes you and your content much more visible online.


(From Google+ Authorship Page)

If you’re interested in signing up for Google Authorship, click here.

4. Local and Mobile Search Optimization

When people search for an attorney, they typically bring up Google and type in a specific legal field and the word “attorney.” The typical first page of returned results will show attorneys local to the searcher. This function is performed by Google Local. Your Google+ profile is taken into account in these searches, which makes you even more likely to be found by potential clients.

Along with Google’s incredible local search tool, Google+ is exceptionally well designed for mobile users. Now that more people are using phones or tablets to search for content online, it’s more likely that they will find and read content that is easy to digest on the go. With Google+’s easy-to-use desktop and mobile settings, it will allow you to post content on the go, as well as increase the chances of someone reading the content you post.

5. The Power of Google

If you’re serious about taking the next step to market your law firm, joining Google+ will boost your ability to access Google’s growing reach and marketing power. With a Google account, you can access email, Google Analytics (traffic statistics for your website), YouTube (now owned by Google), Google Drive (image and video sharing), and Google Local (local search tool), which are all connected to the most popular search engine in the world.

All of these tools are linked to your Google+ account. This will make you, your content, and your firm’s website much more visible to potential clients searching for an attorney within your legal niche.

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