Should Lawyers Have Multiple Websites and Blogs?

websitesThis is a topic we have noticed popping up around the web recently, and we believed it deserved some coverage here on our blog. If you haven’t yet heard about this, we hope to shed some light on it for you.

What’s the Deal with Multiple Websites and Blogs?

So what’s the deal here? I thought one website was enough, now you’re talking about more? I’m already struggling with producing content for my firm’s one blog, why should I create another one?

Having a website AND a blog for your firm is absolutely necessary if you want to tap into the available clientele that is already searching online for an attorney (which is larger than any other market now). But why would law firms want more than one website or blog?

There is reasoning behind the idea of more than one website; however, having multiple websites or blogs probably isn’t the best idea in the long run. It will be difficult to get all the multiple sites to the first search results page, and Google may consider it more of an SEO spam tactic than anything else, which will not reflect well on your firm.

Why would Law Firms want Multiple Websites?

The main idea behind having multiple websites or blogs for your law firm is to narrow the focus of specific areas of law that your firm may practice. What this means is: if you are a large law firm that covers many different areas of law, having different websites for each area of law your firm practice narrows down the focus on different demographics.

Sure it sounds good on paper, and certainly could be somewhat beneficial from an SEO stand point but, in the end it just gets very confusing and turns your websites into SEO spam. Not to mention having to deal with all of the manageability problems that comes with having multiple websites.

So Should Law Firms have Multiple Websites and Blogs?:

The thought of having different websites for your firm’s different legal practice areas may be tempting, however we highly suggest you do not go down this path. SEO optimization is not the most important aspect of a Law Firm website. It is conveying what you firm offers, and doing it in a original, easy to understand way. By having multiple websites clients will find one and visit it, often times never knowing that your firm also offered a different service because your site never mentioned it. In general it just makes the whole experience of dealing with your law firm more confusing than it needs to be.

Robert Ambrogi wrote an article on this topic back in 2011, and he does a good job of conveying why having multiple websites at a single firm isn’t really smart marketing: Read here

As Robert says, there isn’t anything necessarily wrong with the multiple website approach, but it just isn’t very smart marketing.

Aside from the SEO debate, having multiple websites also brings with it other problems. By having multiple websites, you are multiplying everything you already have to deal with on one site by however many other sites you are choosing to manage. Such things you’ll have to consider are:

  • Who will manage the different sites?
  • How will these other sites be managed?
  • We are already paying a monthly fee to keep the website and blog we already have running, can we afford more?
  • Can we afford to hire more people to run these sites, or do we have enough man power?
  • Who will create the consistent, high quality content for the other sites that search engines want to see for a high ranking?

Yes, having multiple websites or blogs could be a venture that allows your firm to better target specific audiences for different areas of law – but don’t get your head too high up in the clouds, because it will require just as much work as the website and blog you already have. 

If you do choose to go down the path of multiple websites, you are going to want to make sure all of the websites you are managing have a high ranking in SEO, otherwise the entire endeavor is for naught. Also, it has not widely recognized as a good SEO tactic because putting all the same effort into one website will give each page of the site a higher rank.


Should your firm create multiple websites and blogs? Honestly, the overall decider is the size of your firm, and how many areas of law you practice.

If you’re a large firm that covers many different areas of law and you have the financial ability/manpower to create more websites and blogs, it could be a benefit – the jury is still out.

However, if you’re a small firm, it really may not be worthwhile for you.

The most important thing is that you HAVE an online presence. If you have a website and a blog already, that’s great. Focus on improving the website and blog you already have before even considering creating more.

If you have more questions about this topic, feel free to contact us! Look for our next blog post that will cover Google’s recent Penguin and Panda search engine updates, and how they could be affecting your firm’s website search ability.

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