One size does not fit all with Attorney Marketing.  While different attorneys may practice the same marketing activities, they may also see very different results – however, the path to profit always starts with the same process:

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  1. Start at the strategic level.  Efforts that are focused, targeted and aligned will grow revenue substantially.   Don’t spend resources (time, energy, money) fishing in ponds that are stocked with the wrong fish.
  2. Since all people have different skill sets, it is beneficial to scientifically assess the preferred behaviors.  Using natural skills yields better results, and the attorney is more likely to continue activities that don’t feel like work.
  3. Create and execute a Personal Profit Plan™ that is built on the right strategy and behavior.  Business development efforts will then deliver a high ROI.

We have not met one attorney that should not spend time on client development.  The way to avoid revenue valleys and maintain the desired billable time is to develop a deeper client list, even when if it feels too frenetic at times.

 If you want more top-line revenue, contact us!

“Following Dave’s program has increased my origination number by $100k each of the past two years.” – Atty DV

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